About Me

I’m a native of California living in coastal cities surrounded by animals of all kinds most of my life.  Before I was born my parents had a German wire haired pointer named Rosie.  She gave birth to 13 puppies 2 months before I was born.

I have two small dogs of my own Daisy & Romeo. Both are rescue dogs and 6 years old.  I spoil them, but keep in mind the importance of diet, health, at least 2 hours a day of outdoor exercise and plenty of toys to avoid destructive behavior caused by boredom and inactivity.

Why Choose Me?

Pet care at a facility is costly, consumes valuable time & gas to drop off & pick up your dog.  Dogs can be exposed to other dogs in an incubation period of a contagious sickness, or to dogs already sick resulting in a huge veterinarian bill. 

Mobile services are designed as a convenience exclusively at a clients home, to reduce costs for care, and provide a healthier alternative to kennels.  Allowing pets to remain at home in a familiar environment makes them feel safe, happier & eliminates stress & anxiety.

As part of Overnight & Daytime petcare at your home, each day you are gone you choose the activity.  Neighborhood Walks,  Dog Park & Beach Trips.


Pet care at your home is not just for dogs, but for owners too.   Allowing pets to remain at home in a familiar environment makes them feel safe, happy and comfortable, while your benefit to Overnight Pet Sitting and Day Care at your home provides visibility, makes your home lived in while you’re away with removal of newspapers, mail and overnight packages from sight, trash and recycling containers are brought out and back inside on collection day. In addition watering plants and many other tasks are included in the price as part of the service.

All dogs must have current vaccines, and registration in the county they reside. The Original Dog Walking Co. is a private local business, individually owned, insured and provides services in Orange County, CA.

See full terms and conditions.

Developing a business from opportunity

After deciding to go away one weekend, and unable to find anyone I could trust with my own dogs, I researched costs for overnight and day care and was shocked at the expense. It was then I realized a niche market was possible with affordable prices for owners with more than one dog and saving time by going to their home.

How it started

In 2008 the housing market and financial banking crisis led to a layoff lasting far longer than planned for.  One day a neighbor named Ray Marrazzo explained he had a business trip and needed his dogs looked after.  This was my first customer. He told our neighbors, those turned into referrals which led to my new occupation pet sitting and dog walking.

Offering full service pet sitting, walking and care!

Full service pet sitting and dog walking at the privacy of your home.  You and your pets can relax with a healthy, stress free alternative to kennels while you’re gone on business, vacation, a weekend get away, are temporarily injured, or when you need time to yourself just for the day.

Activities and care so your dog has a vacation as great as yours, providing neighborhood walks, exercise & fun with beach, park & walking trail trips to help keep your pet healthy and in shape. Dogs are brushed after each activity.

Rehabilitation after surgery can be very challenging. Following directives of veterinarians and clients, the recommended exercise and medications are personally administered to get dogs back on their feet for a normal, active life.

My Services

I provide worry free pet care solutions so you can go on weekend excursions, vacation & business trips or have time for yourself during the day or evening so you can relax.  My whole goal is to socialize and keep your dogs in shape with exercise in your neighborhood, at a local dog park or nearby walking trail so they can have fun & return home happy & calm.

Buy Gift Certificates

Overnight $60

• 1-2 Dogs / 3 night minimum
• Includes a neighborhood walk and one activity trip to a Dog Beach, Parks or Trails

Get the Scoop $25

• Residential & Commercial clean up
for safe areas to walk and play

Day Care $50

• 1-2 Dogs / Mon - Fri
• Pet Sitting 3 hours & walk
• After 3 hrs, $13 an hr is applied

Activities $30

• 1-2 Dogs / Mon - Fri.
• Activity trips to the Dog Beach, Parks and Trails are 1 hour in duration

Dog Walks $100

• 1-2 Dogs / Mon – Fri
• Neighborhood walks 30-45 min.
• Weekends & Holidays are additional

Errands $25 hr.

• Transportation to pet stores, groomers or veterinarians within 15 miles round trip from residence


  • Michael is just wonderful with our dogs and is such a nice person. He has assisted us with some key training that our pups needed and weekly walks.
    I would highly recommend him for any dog sitting, walking and his intuitive training. He takes our dogs to many parks and gets them experiencing a variety
    of "field trips" They love it and come home exhausted. Thanks Michael for all you do!

  • Thank you so very much for taking care of Zoe while I visited my family in Brazil. I wouldn't trust anyone else but you to care for him, especially since he needs three prescriptions of medicine put in his eye 3 times a day. Since Zoe is completely blind, I'm very grateful he has so much fun playing with your dogs Daisy & Romeo, and other dogs at the beach and parks you brought him to. The video and pictures you took and shared are great memories.

    Vanessa Farias
    Vanessa Farias
  • Michael’s dog walking business is bar none the best I’ve ever experienced. His knowledge of dogs, courtesy to the animals and care is amazing. My boxer was out of control, we couldn’t take him outside for walks. In just a few weeks I couldn’t believe what Michael was able to do. Dempsey was calm, friendly and playful with other dogs. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    Wendy Arthur
    Dempsey’s Owner
  • Michael has earned our highest recommendation. He is trustworthy and reliable. We have tried several pet services, Michael has out shined them all. Several of our neighbors love him too. He's readily available for afternoon walks or to stay at our home while we are out of town. He will bring in the mail, take out the trash, even take us to the airport. Its so comforting to receive texts and photo's of our pup while we are way. He is conscientious and clean. Most importantly our Schnoodle loves him! That is the most telling sign for us. Do your pet a favor and hire Michael.

    Kerry and Sue
    Keegan's Owners
  • When we need Michael to watch our pets on short notice, he’s always been there for us, our two dogs & cat. He’s very reliable, accommodating and flexible. On our last trip, just before departing, one of our cats became sick. Michael brought him to our veterinarian for a check-up and took care of him. A +!!

    Monty Barrie, Ricki, Wolfgang
    Kobe’s Owner
  • I went to visit friends for the holidays and needed to get an early start. I asked Michael if he could arrive at my home at 6 am. He was right on time. While I was gone, he sent several pictures of his neighborhood walks, and day trips to the park each day I was gone. I was very Satisfied….Great Work!!!!

    Julie Duong
    Mino’s Owner
  • Excellent Communication. Very Reliable.

    Marion Garkie
    Baileys Owner
  • I knew Michael would be good right away. Camille doesn’t warm up to anyone too well and bark’s at new people. Michael came to the door for the first time and they didn’t make a sound. Hunter is my service dog. He can be very picky and difficult with anyone who walks him. The main thing is the dogs are happy with MichaeI. I’m very pleased. He does an excellent job.

    Lynda Nagelin
    Hunter & Camille’s Owner


Service Area

My Service Areas : Huntington Beach, Seal Beach, Sunset Beach, Costa Mesa &                 Fountain Valley.


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