About Me

I’m a native of California living in coastal cities surrounded by animals of all kinds most of my life.

In 2008 the housing market and financial banking crisis led to a layoff lasting far longer than planned for. After deciding to go away one weekend, and unable to find anyone I could trust with my own dogs, I researched costs for overnight and day care and was shocked at the expense. It was then I realized a niche market was possible with affordable prices for owners with more than one dog and saving time by going to their home.

One day a neighbor named Ray Marrazzo explained he had a business trip and needed his dogs looked after. This was my first customer. He told our neighbors, those turned into referrals which led to my new occupation pet sitting and dog walking.

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Offering full service pet sitting, walking and care!

Full service pet sitting and dog walking at the privacy of your home. You and your pets can relax with a healthy, stress free alternative to kennels while you’re gone on business, vacation, a weekend get away, are temporarily injured, or when you need time to yourself just for the day.

Activities and care so your dog has a vacation as great as yours, providing neighborhood walks, exercise &fun with beach, park & walking trail trips to help keep your pet healthy and in shape. Dogs are brushed after each activity.

Rehabilitation after surgery can be very challenging. Following directives of veterinarians and clients, the recommended exercise and medications are personally administered to get dogs back on their feet for a normal, active life.

All dogs must have current vaccines, and registration in the county they reside. The Original Dog Walking Co. is a private local business, individually owned, insured and provides services in Orange County, CA.

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